Beneath the Surface – Cousins

Truly blessed for this to happen at my home. Three little guys playing.
They are building a relationship that will last a lifetime.
Unfortunately this isn’t as common as it should be. In fact, there is a lot of work that has to be done to make this happen. And, while all the hard work is truly worth it, there are no guarantees.
You might be asking, what on earth is he talking about?
This is a picture of 3 of my grandsons. Each one from a different one of my 4 kids. All 4 of whom were at my house at the same time.
So what do I mean by hard work getting to the point of this picture?
Funny you should ask.
This came about as a result of working hard as parents to teach our children how to love and respect each other. No, the weren’t perfect and neither were my wife and I. That’s why it is called hard work. Years and years of small daily decisions and actions that created a culture of 4 kids who, when they grew up, could lean on each other and be there for one another.
This too was hard work on their behalf. And they didn’t do it perfectly either. But they continue to put in the work to love and respect and forgive and extend grace and be real with each other.
God laid out the pattern and instructions in His Word. We do the hard work of following and implementing.
The results are what you see here.
Love ya


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