RISE above whatever storm you are in. I love that sentiment, but how do you do it?

First, nobody can avoid every storm. Oh, you might avoid most of the worst storms but you will encounter storms. And sometimes even the worst storms are completely unavoidable.

So, how do we actually rise above them? Have you ever known people who seem to be cool and calm in the most difficult of circumstances and wonder, “how do they do it”?
Please keep reading to the end. I’m going to share the secret to rising above the storms and it’s all very important.

I know that sometimes they catch you by surprise. But regardless, if you wait until the storm hits to prepare, it’s too late. Start strengthening your mind, body, and spirit NOW.
• Strengthen your Mind – Every battle begins in the mind. Its where both confidence and doubt begins. Which one wins? Whichever one you focus on the most. Remember this, you have been through many storms before and you’re still here. You CAN make it through another one. Start feeding your mind with thigs that lift you up and encourage you. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and speak life to you.
• Strengthen your Body – During the storms of life we experience a lot of stress. Stress has numerous negative effects on the physical body. If you are burning the candle at both ends and/or you are in poor physical fitness, your body is going to react very poorly to the stress. And since storms often surprise us, you must always take care of your body so that you can stand strong against the storm. Get plenty of sleep, exercise, and good nutrition.
• Strengthen your Spirit – Our spirit man is at the core of our being. It’s where the inner strength truly comes from and it’s our compass. A weak spirit will struggle even in mild storms. In fact, you can be in peak physical fitness and still struggle if your spirit is weak. When a storm hits a weak spirit it can bring down the strongest, smartest, and wealthiest of people. No physical object, possession, or effort can overcome a weak spirit.
But a strong spirit can overcome any storm. Even when the mind and body are struggling. When you are at your wits end. When you are physically worn out. A strong spirit helps you fight through and succeed.

Here is the secret to all of it. Since a strong spirit is so essential to rising above the storms, let me share the secret with you. You can’t strengthen your spirit on your own. No, the only way to do that is to connect your spirit to the One who created it, and you. Get connected to the True Source of Strength, the True Source of Life. Get connected to our Lord Jesus. Let His endless supply of strength and power supply your spirit what it needs to be strengthened beyond the pressure of any storm.


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