Michael Sirmon
Director of Operations

I have known and worked with Frank for more than 20 years. I have always found him to be insightful and his feedback to be relevant and helpful. When I needed help reorganizing and developing a new team Frank was the obvious resource. He approached the challenge with resolve and creativity as we developed a group of individuals into a functioning and healthy team.
Frank’s impact on our team has been invaluable. He was invited to assist our team immediately after our company was acquired and we were in the initial stages of being assimilated. On top of the reorganization and culture shift the team was also managing the migration of our network and MRP systems to the new company. With a whole new structure and team, the challenges and individual development needs were many as we worked through job descriptions, roles and responsibilities along with the normal team and personal development needs. 
Frank brings common sense leadership development, training, and coaching based on a lifetime of honing his craft and developing his unique, servant centered training plan. For me, the biggest challenge with leadership training is that an outside trainer would approach it with a one size fits all approach which would result in a lot of wasted time and effort. Frank is the opposite of cookie cutter, as he approaches the team or individual with tried and true tools and then adjusts the plan based on the team and individual needs. In our organization Frank simultaneously worked with 3 levels of management in both team and individuals on team, professional, and personal development. Our organization is stronger, our teams are more effective, and I am more impactful as a direct result of Frank’s coaching.

LeRoy Clubine
Value Stream Manager

Frank has caused me to pause to look at my personal goals, professional goals, relationships and performance on a weekly basis.  This attention has allowed me to course correct in all of these areas more rapidly allowing me to be a more effective leader. He  has encouraged me to be more collaborative with my peers so that together we can support each other in achieving shared goals.  I no longer feel like I am on an island by myself. You will not meet another person with more integrity than this man displays.  I trust his guidance and the passion at which he shares it.
Working through supply chain issues during this Covid season has been extremely challenging.  With Frank’s guidance, we have been able to attack the most important issues as a team which has allowed us to reduce the response time and get product out the door. I highly recommend Frank as a coach.  He will not only help you succeed in business, but he will also help you succeed in your life outside of the walls in which you work.

Joe Dawson
Sr. Manager at Spirit AeroSystems

Frank Boudreau worked with our Spirit Management Team on the 787 program to develop a strong team with an improving skill set. Frank facilitated weekly meetings where the team discussed issues experienced and worked to resolve them. The team selected opportunities for improvement and we selected appropriate reading for our development. Each week would review the chapters we read and Frank led discussions on how it applied to our specific challenges. The discussions were fruitful as each manager had a different perspective on the learning. Collectively the team made great gains improved on many levels. Frank is very knowledgeable in Leadership Skills, Lean Manufacturing, Employee Engagement, Management and Team Development. Frank has established a great network of resources to support his endeavors and therefore is an asset that will enhance the improvement of leaders and teams. I appreciate Frank’s contribution to our team’s and to my own leadership development and process improvements. Joe Dawson

Greg Harrison
Business Strategy Partner • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt •
Operations Executive • Management Coach

I was given the opportunity to lead a team responsible for creating Way of Working curriculum and launching the organization’s Center of Excellence (COE). We looked for a talented individual to contribute during initial curriculum creation phase and ultimately deliver training content to management team members across the company. I hired Frank Boudreau to fill this role. Frank performed in an effective manner not only providing curriculum input and delivering training materials but also serving in a coaching/mentoring capacity. He is able to adjust his communication style from front line team members to executive level. I have full confidence you will not be disappointed if you hire Frank Boudreau for a position that fits his skill set.

Zack Kirkland

Working with Frank has changed my life. In my opinion he is of the upper echelon in the consulting world. Frank’s passion for excellence and culture improvement has inspired me to pursue my own personal career. He has always been able to communicate with anyone, at any level of business improvement. Frank understands what it takes to make it happen and is able to give a clear vision plan for all stakeholders at their level. His interpersonal skills, along with analytical skills, is shear magic. I would recommend Frank to any company that is needing a true visionary that has the unique skillset to make it happen.

Mark S. Stewman
Principal (Owner)

Frank is a great trainer, consultant and practitioner of continuous improvement methodologies. His knowledge of LEAN, in both theory and application, is very broad. His skills in developing and implementing continuous improvement initiatives and his ability to affect culture change has provided a significant impact to the bottom line. Frank would be a tremendous asset for any company looking to take performance to the next level.

John Sadauskas
Senior Director of Pharmacy Operations, Express Scripts, Inc.

As a consultant supporting Spirit AeroSystems, I have had the pleasure of working with Frank Boudreau for just over a year. His role of Lean Advisor/Coach/Trainer is critical to the success of the Boeing 787 program and with this in mind, he takes on his assignments with passion and vigor. Frank is a good facilitator and teacher. With his diverse background of work experience, he has the unique ability to relate to all levels effectively, always getting his point across. A balance of good interpersonal skills and technical knowledge is essential for success in this line of work and Frank has both. I enjoy working with Frank and know that he will be successful wherever he applies himself

Sean Will
Plant Manager at Consolidated Container Company

I had the pleasure of working with Frank during my assignment as a Lean Consultant at Spirit Aerospace. Frank was very knowledgeable in lean manufacturing methodologies and excelled at teaching them in his facilitator role. He was able to stay cool under adversity that would inevitably come up during events or activities. This was very important in his role of leading a culture change within Spirit

Scott Pryer
PRYER (Aerospace Manufacturer)

Frank takes a strong personal interest in the people and projects he is involved in.
He has the ability to engage a problem or circumstance and generate ideas and actions that drive positive results.
In one instance he saw the opportunity for our management team to improve its effectiveness. He helped me develop management meetings to use as a forum to share my personal and company objectives. He knew the importance of selecting the right location for the meetings and creating the
atmosphere we needed. Frank gave me the confidence to share my heart for the company to our management. Over the course of these meetings our management team was able to hear the principles of management that were important to me. The results were improved teamwork and improved understanding of company direction.

Some accomplishments included numerous systems overhauls, development/improvements to most material and data flow processes, executive development, team building and leadership development for new leaders.

Frank brought a very unique ability to drive improvement, and did it in a way that was non-threatening. Working from a heart that wants to see people succeed, he was able to break through technical and social barriers to accomplish the task at hand.
Frank worked with a group of selected employees to prepare them for future leadership rolls. His efforts over a period of a two years resulted in promotions for several of his students and obvious personal and professional growth for all involved.
Franks influence has made me a more effective leader.

JC Riley
All For HIM Marketing Solutions

Frank is a tremendous leader and an unbelievable problem solver. He has the ability to draw in people with his relational skills in a way like no other I’ve seen. He has a way of attracting the loyalty of people when he walks into a room. This gift coupled with his keen understanding of systems and ability to increase productivity and profit through innovative thinking allows him to aide organizations in growth and streamlining. I often seek Frank’s guidance as I steer the ship of my company and he never fails to bring to the table insight, forethought, and solutions that had not been considered before he entered the room. Thank you Frank for helping me grow. For HIM,

Bill Brown
Operations Manager

With Frank’s assistance we took a twofold approach to growing leaders within the organization. We made the decision to focus energy on the development of two different leadership groups. Group one was comprised of existing lower level leaders and potential leadership candidates. Group two was comprised of our existing core leadership largely made up of Supervisors and Managers at varying levels of experience and development.
I had the privilege of witnessing Frank guide both of these teams as well as myself through the fundamental principles in leadership. His leadership experience gave him the ability to lead the group in and out of the classroom. In the classroom his teaching style allowed for great open discussion and role play while possessing the ability to redirect the focus of the participants back to the targeted outline. Out of the classroom Frank was able to instruct and direct in any given circumstance. His innate ability to set a person at ease gave him the ability to interject practical knowledge and expertise directly into real time situations.
Using this method we were able to develop multiple potential leaders into valued members of our existing leadership team. As demand for leadership candidates opened up within the company we were able to fill those roles with leaders who were ready for the task at hand. We were also able to fine tune and further develop our existing leaders.

Jim Reitz
Safety Director

“Frank Boudreau gets my highest recommendation as an executive leadership coach and mentor. His unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex leadership and business topics has revolutionized my thinking. Along the way there have been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations, but Frank’s support and mentoring continues to make a great impact on myself as well as those around him every day, both at work and at home. Frank is incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions that have helped me to see things from different perspectives. Frank is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge. He brings a rare combination of a seasoned business executive and leadership coach, with unique perspectives and listening skills. His coaching style is a perfect fit for any business leader who wants to perform at a higher level. When asked – Frank does not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that need to be considered a different way, and has proved to be very accurate and timely with his observations, opinions, and suggestions”.

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