You Get What you Pay For

There is something of great value that we all; try to make, try to save, try to stretch, even try to steal. Yet we never have enough of it, but we all have the exact same amount. Yep, you guessed it, time. Time is the one precious thing that, once lost, we can never get it back no matter how hard we try. And, it’s no respector of person or position or social status. Though many try, we can’t buy it back or earn it back. Through diet, personal care, and science, some slow down the ‘effects’ of time. But nothing stops it. And, although the greatest minds on earth have no idea when or even if time will come to an end, our time here on earth will. Sorry, I know this is heavy. And I know you already know this, but it’s important to remind ourselves sometimes. So, with something so priceless and precious and limited as time, shouldn’t we spend it very wisely? Shouldn’t we do whatever we have to to not waste even a single minute? Well, yes to both. But what does it mean to spend it, and what does it mean to waste it? Let’s explore. To spend is “to buy out” or “purchase”. Guess what, we are all on a fixed income of 24 hours per day. When I think about a fixed income, in the most honoring andrespectful way I think about my mother. My father passed when I was very young and as a single mother with mouths to feed she learned how to manage a limited income and she did it well. My foundation of managing to a budget didn’t come from school. It came from my mother. Anyway, as a single elderly in her 70 ‘s on a fixed income, she is a master at making a little go a long way. And when something is important to her, she manages her budget wisely to allow her to do it. Like how every year she figures out how to get every child, grandchild, and great grandchild a little something for Christmas. I don’t know how she does it. That number is over 30 now. But it is important to her so she makes it a priority. Now that’s what I call Spending wisely. To waste is to use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose. I’ll use myself as an example on this one. I’ve learned from my mistakes since but early in life any time I came into a little extra cash, well, let’s just say wisdom didn’t come into play and I didn’t spend wisely. A week later, with empty pockets, I was dealing with the regret of wasting it. I was either careless, or extravagant, or I just spent with no purpose or vision or real goal in mind. Ok, let’s bring it back to time. Spend it wisely because you will get exactly what you pay for. make sure you balance your time budget between rest, work, family, friends, and please don’t forget your personal growth and development. Balance your financial budget on a spreadsheet or a notebook. Balance your time budget with your calendar. You will get a return based on how you spend it. So if you don’t like the way things have been going lately, take a look at how you’ve been spending your time. There’s a good chance it could be a root cause. So, consider what to spend your precious time on. Don’t be careless with it. Make sure it has purpose and takes you closer to a goal, a dream, or a loved one. You are responsible for your time so spend it wisely. Be blessed.

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