Work in Progress

“Legacy Leadership is more about ‘who we are’ than ‘what we do’. Our being is more important than our doing; but, what we do flows from who we are.”

We are, and should always be, a work in progress. So what does that mean? Let me first say what it shouldn’t be, an excuse. I know I’ve said it, have you? Like when we realize we’ve messed up and we just shrug it off and say, “well I’m a work in progress.” Stop, it’s not the statement, it’s the attitude that makes it an excuse. We just accept our bad behavior because we are ‘a work in progress’ and expect others to accept it too. But that’s not the attitude we should have.

We should always have an attitude of repentance when we mess up and truly work to improve. Ask the Lord and those we love and trust to help us see the areas where we can improve and work to improve them. Even if we have been walking in faith for decades, there are always areas we can improve so that we are more effective for the Kingdom and our families and our work. If we will continually work on who we are, our actions will continually become more aligned with Christ. More Christlike. See what I did there? Sorry, anyway, remember, don’t beat yourself up, just keep working on you. You’ll never regret working on being the best version of you. God will honor your efforts and your family will love you for it.


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