What’s Your Motivation

Are we more concerned about where we are going, or what we are becoming?

This is an interesting contemplation. There needs to be a proper balance but:

If I am more focused on where I am going, the goal becomes the focus. Whatever the goal is. It could be a promotion, going to the next level, starting my own business, and so-on.

If I am more focused on what I am becoming, my image can become the focus. Who I am, how I appear to others, the position or title I have or striving for, and so-on.

Hmmmm. So How do I find real balance? And more importantly, do any of those things really matter in the grand scheme of things. Well, I suppose in proper perspective all of those things can be important. So what’s it really all about? What really is my motivation for any of it?

My answer became “the people”. At the end of the day I found that “positively impacting the lives of others” to be my motivation. It’s my motivation for striving for higher levels both in where I am going and what I am becoming. I have found myself reaching higher and stretching further so that at each plateau I have more to offer those I am trying to positively impact. I can’t give what I don’t have.

Consider what your motivation is. Why do you do what you do?


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