What’s the Real Value?

Gary Smally once shared an illustration of the value of a 50 dollar bill. Crisp and clean it’s worth $50. Crumpled and wrinkled it’s still worth $50. Throw it on the ground and stomp on it for a while. Dirty and filthy and crumpled it is still worth $50. Even torn in half, with a little tape, it is STILL worth $50.

I love this example of value in relation to condition. The same is true for every person you meet. Regardless of their condition, their value doesn’t change.

Don’t believe me??
Just ask Jesus what He is willing to pay for you versus the homeless man or hardened criminal or mean boss.
Regardless of the condition, He views their value the same. In fact He paid the exact same amount for each and every person you know including yourself.

Don’t let someone else’s appearance or condition or status raise or lower their value in your eyes.
The Word says to Love your neighbors as yourself. Jesus said that people will know that you are of Him (a true Christian) by the way you treat others.

Believe it, live it, walk it out every day.

Get real, be blessed


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