“To Lift Them Up, You Must Climb” – F.B.

“To Lift Them Up, You Must Climb” – F.B.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019
7:10 PM

” It is easier to pull someone up to where you are, than to push someone up to where you haven’t yet been.” — Frank Boudreau
Have you ever tried to push someone up a cliff? Seriously think about it. You are holding onto the side of a cliff by small cracks and footholds, struggling to hold your own weight, and you are trying to push someone the same size as you up theside of the cliff. Can you imagine how hard that would be? Unless you are extremely fit and a very experienced climber, you are likely not going to have much luck. Now, imagine you are on the top of the cliff. You are anchored so that you are well supported. You are equipped with good gloves and proper gear and rope and the other end of the rope is tied firmly around the waist of the person you are helping to climb the cliff. Now, if you are an average shape and know what a rope is you will likely have good success.
OK, let’s relate that to leading, wether in business or in life. When you are trying to push someone up to a place where you have not been, much like the cliff;
1. It will be extremely difficult to do and even if you had a little success, you will likely burn out your energy and struggle to hold yourself up afterwards.
2. You have no idea what’s up there.
3. You have no idea if the person will be able to handle what’s up there,
4. You won’t be able to help them when they get there.
However, if you climb up there first;
1. You will have some energy in reserve and you can recoup your energy before helping the other person.
2. You can assess the conditions
3. You can prepare a place for them and prepare them for the place.
4. You can develop them for the next steps.
Not only that, if you are already there, you might find that it isn’t even a good place for them to be anyway and save them from some pain and heartache.
So, take the brave approach and go first. Not to be first and to have bragging rights. But to clear the path for those who will follow. Put in the hard work, Creating the trail is much harder than following it and it isn’t for the faint of heart.
So gear up, fuel up, and equip yourself. Put in the work for their sake.
Be blessed


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