Not Enough Hours in the Day

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with tasks and time consuming discussions simply because we have a hard time saying no. Or is that really it?

Busy life is not hard to accomplish these days. It seems that we all get a little busy, or a lot busy. Either way, it seems normal to be busy now. But even among the busy, there always seems to be the person who is “super busy”. Always running behind. It’s that “old reliable” person that so many people lean on to help in a crunch or pick up the slack. I’m not talking about the typical helpful person. I’m talking about the person who “puts on a happy face” to mask the dread and exhaustion of never catching up because of everyone else’s stuff they are always helping with.

If that isn’t you, you probably know that person. The person that never says no, but never seems to get things finished. Or if they do, it was at the eleventh hour with their hair a mess and jittery from 4 cups of coffee to try to ‘keep it going’.

So why do they find it so hard to say know? Often times I read that it’s because they like or need to feel needed. Or they want to feel important. And I suppose that might be the case at times. But I consider that it could be something else. I think that sometimes the person is looking for someone or something that makes them feel appreciated. That there might be someone out there that actually appreciates their hard work and self-sacrifice. If someone would do something that just says thank you as they take, I mean receive.

If that could be the case, what can you do about? What if, rather than asking them for help with something, what if you were to ask them to let you help them with something, even if they resisted. If you know the person well enough, you might even be able to simply jump right in there and give a helpful hand without being asked. Even more impactful consider this, rather than thanking them for what they do for you, find a way to express your appreciation for them as a person. A good leader can recognize when a person struggles with saying no. A great leader has the confidence and compassion to take action. After all, don’t we all want to know that people appreciate us for who we are and not just for what we do?

If you are that person that is described above, I encourage you to consider your true value. You are unique. You have gifts and talents. You have skills and abilities. You have values and beliefs. You have experiences and you have dreams. Combine all of those things and connect them to what you are passionate about and you just might be able to see your real value. Most people will find it difficult to value you higher than you value yourself. You have to take the lead. Be confident in who you uniquely are. There is no one exactly like you so don’t expect yourself to be like everyone or anyone else. If you spend time evaluating all of these things and you still struggle with seeing your value, consider how the Creator sees you. If you aren’t sure how He sees you, get a copy of His Word and just start reading. Nobody knows the creation better than the Creator. The more you get to know Him, the more you will understand what He created, and that’s you.


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