Protect It By Sharing It

I’ve heard it said, “don’t let anyone take or steal your joy”.

I have to agree with that statement. But, I believe that nobody can take my joy away from me unless I relinquish it or lay it down for them to take. But, that’s easier said than done so let’s go deeper. There is a big difference between relinquishing my joy and giving my joy away. Take a candle for example, if I allow my flame to be snuffed out (relinquished), I lose my flame and the light and warmth it provides. But, if I use my flame to ignite another candle (give it away), I don’t lose anything. I still have my light and warmth. And, even more importantly, I gave someone else the opportunity to enjoy the same.

Our joy is much like the flame of a candle. We do need to be cautious to not allow others take our joy, sure. But, we do so much more by giving our joy to others and we don’t lose anything by doing it. In fact, if you think about the candle example, the more I help light the flame of others, the more light and warmth there is to enjoy and the easier it is to stay lit myself. And, even if something unexpected happens and my flame goes out for a moment, if I have been sharing my flame with those around me, there will be plenty of others who can and would be ready to relight my flame. So, of course we should protect our flame, but the best way to do that is to share it with everyone around us. During this difficult time our joy might be difficult to find sometimes, but share it boldly and often. Let’s make our world a brighter place. Yeah, I know that’s extremely cliché, but, as cheesy as it may sound, it’s absolutely true.

Be blessed.


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