Measure Twice, Cut Once

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“Measure twice cut once”
— English Proverb —
Most of us have heard this saying many times but if not, it simply refers to double checking your measurements before you cut something to prevent wasting material. That makes sense doesn’t it? Especially if you cut something too short. Once you cut something you really can’t un-cut it. This is one of the most basic principles in manufacturing. If you do make a mistake you might be able to weld or epoxy or glue it back together but it will not be quite the same. If you work in the glass business you know that there is nothing you can do to glue it back together. Once it is cut, that’s it. No going back.
Ok, ok, I’ll get to the point. Once we say something we can’t un-say it, right. Sometimes we wish we could take it back but we can’t. Sure, we can apologize and we might be forgiven. We all need grace, but it has been said. And if the damage is severe the relationship might never be the same. So let’s employ that same principle to our speech. The tongue is often referred to as a sword. And it has the ability to destroy if not kept in check. It can also be referred to as a scalpel and be used as in instrument to bring healing. So let’s measure twice and cut once. Let’s double check our intents before speaking. Let’s use our speech to bring healing instead of pain. The only time to use the sword should be to defend the weak against the enemy.


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