Let it Happen or Make it Happen!

Let it Happen or Make it Happen!

“Things can happen to you, or things can happen because of you” — FB
Let’s face it, things are constantly in motion. That’s a lot of moving parts and sometimes (maybe often) it feels like we are getting hit from every angle. That’s when things are happening “to” us. We feel we are constantly on the defensive. Not a fun place to be, right? So, how do we get to the place where things are happening “because” of us? That place where we stop for a moment and look around to see the many things that are going on as a result of what we have set in motion. You know, when things are just clicking.
Although it takes some work to get from point A to point B, it all has to start somewhere. And, believe it or not, that starting point is in the mind. We have to win the mental battle first if we are ever going to have a shot at winning the physical challenges in front of us. Ok, so how do we win that mental battle?
○ Don’t go it alone – strong peer relationships help you see the blind spots. Trust me, if you are blowing it, the people around you know it. And perhaps before you do. So tap into that resource. A little humility and willingness to learn goes a long way.

○ Get real with yourself – know your strengths and weaknesses. Capitalize on your strengths. Get some help and/or delegate in your areas of weak spots. (strong peer relationships really help here)

○ Hear yourself – Think about how you are thinking about yourself. Change from “I can’t do this” to “I’m going to find the help I need to get this done”. Change from “I don’t know how” to “I don’t know yet, but I’m going to learn”.
○ Own it – Listen, we all have things going on that are somewhat our of our control. But you can control how you respond to those things. Your success depends on you taking responsibility for your situation. Take ownership of your path. No one will be as passionate about your journey as you can be. If there is something you don’t know, take responsibility to learn it. If there is help you need from someone else, be the one to initiate it.

There are lots of great resources out there to help us get motivated to win the mental battle. Make it your mission to tap into some of them.


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