Leading out of chaos, Part 2

Ok, so now that we know what direction we want to go, it’s time to get some things calmed down.

It is vitally important to establish a cadence of communication and engagement. Typically a chaotic environment will cause leaders to withdraw and disengage from anything that is outside of their immediate area of responsibility. Stabilizing the environment and establishing a communication cadence will begin to reconnect the disengaged.

  1. Daily shift-start meetings on the floor between the supervisors and the shop employees
  2. Daily progress meetings on the floor between the managers and the supervisors (Gemba Walk)
  3. Weekly staff meetings with the leadership team
  4. Daily communication on projects and issues.

Reestablishing the routine activities that foster good communication and being committed to taking action based on the things learned during those conversations will strengthen the team. It will also prepare you for the next steps.


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