Leading Out of Chaos Part 1

As I shared last week, I want to share some things with you that can help you lead your team out of seasons or situations of chaos.
Let’s start with vision. Simply put, to lead them out of chaos you have to have an idea of what the absence of chaos will look like. Consider a ship on the ocean without a compass. During the day you can follow the rising and setting of the sun to guide you. During the night you can use the stars. But in a storm in the night you will quickly loose your way without a compass.
Your team is no different. During calm clear days most can navigate day to day and maintain some level of direction. But when the storms come, and they will, they have to have a compass. They have to have something that gives a point to aim towards. Something has to be a guiding beacon and that has to come from the leader. That’s what you have to provide. You must be able to see and articulate the vision. You have to provide a path.
That path might be difficult, chances are it will be. The path out of chaotic situations is usually tough and it’s important to share the reality of the situation and the reality of how hard it will be to get out of it. Allow the team to prepare themselves for what it will take so that they won’t loose heart when the seas get rough.
Give them a clear path to follow. The following steps will be much easier.
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