How Tough Are You?

How will you stand in the storm?

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

— Gregory Peck —

When times get tough, you find out what you are made of. That is when your true character is revealed. It is also a time to find out what areas you need to work on but we’ll cover that another time.

For now I want to talk about what it means to be tough. Many will say that being tough is being stern, direct, aggressive, and being able to take tough news. I’ll have to say that those are good qualities to have and have their place at the right time. But, I would submit that there is a seldom recognized trait that requires real toughness. “Consistency”.

Consistency in a crisis is critical. It is easy to waiver or shift when the pressure is on. But staying consistent and steady under pressure takes real mental toughness. To keep your emotions under control so that you don’t create more problems in the wake of the disaster takes a stable and tough approach.

So, are you tough? Do you stand firm and unwavering when you are accused? Do you keep your cool when things go wrong. Are you steady when someone lets you down? Or, does a different you come to the surface when these things happen?
Show your team how tough you really are and stay steady and consistent in the face of adversity.

Be tough, and be blessed.


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