How Are You Spending?

So, how are you spending your time?

“If time is money, we are all equally blessed. The question is, how are we spending it?” — Frank Boudreau

Let’s think about money for a minute. Hopefully, you budget your spending in some way so that you can have some level of confidence that you are not digging yourself a hole that you can’t financially get out of. If you are not budgeting your finances in some way, look out. We all have so many directions that financial responsibility pulls us. So, what does budgeting your finances do?
– It helps you understand how you spend.
– It helps prevent overspending.
– It helps make sure the most important things are paid first.
– It helps ensure there is something in the refrigerator.
– It allows you to save up for your dream.

Now, let’s think about time. This is even tougher. you can’t necessarily work harder to ‘earn’ more time. Certainly, you can take better care of yourself so that you don’t cut your life shorter that it was designed to be. But, you can’t ‘earn’ more years. And, in that respect, none of us really know how many days we have. So, with the standard limit of twenty four hours in a day and seven days in a week, how are you spending it? Are you spending it like you have an unlimited supply? You know, “I’ll do that important thing ‘some day’.” Or, are you spending it like you don’t have a tomorrow? Kind of like, “I’m going to cram as much in there as I can.” Or is it somewhere in between? Well, if you aren’t budgeting or scheduling your time, whatever happens just happens. So, what does budgeting time do?
– It helps me understand how I spend my time.
– It helps me prevent over committing myself and burning out.
– It helps me make sure the most important things get done.
– It helps ensure that I have energy in reserve if needed.
– It allows me to learn and grow so that I have a way to achieve my dreams.

There are many great time management tools out there. Stephen Covey and many others have shared some great insight to budgeting our time and most have agreed that budgeting one week at a time is the best and most effective way. Let’s budget our time wisely. Be Blessed.


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