Have You Heard the Bell Ring?


It’s been said that a day of coasting can eliminate three days of hard work.

The Machine Gun Preacher said to stop focusing on what you’ve done and start focusing on what you haven’t done yet.

I’ve got to tell you, some days I am just done. Do you ever feel like that? Like you just can’t take another blow, another setback or emergency or problem. For crying out loud, enough already.

I believe that is when we find out if we will ever be successful or not. It’s the crossroads of decision. Am I going to press on and keep on going? Or am I really finished and throwing in the towel? Success comes in all shapes and sizes, but it never comes easy. And it doesn’t happen by accident.

If we are going to reach the goal, make a difference, or turn things around, we are going to have to be committed to the everyday grind until we get there and beyond. We have to be ready to go further than the goal, more than the extra mile, take the long road and then some. It’s simply not going to be easy.

So let’s do this, let’s put in the hard work and go the distance. Let’s lean in and lean forward, and even lean on each other when we need to. Let’s make the decision to keep going forward.

Be blessed.


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