Integrity, Read All About It


“I’ve always tried to live with the following simple rule: Don’t do what you wouldn’t feel comfortable reading about in the newspapers the next day.”

 – Josh Weston, CEO

Wow, have you ever really thought about this? I mean, for the most part I’m sure we can all say we are fairly safe on this, but really? What if anything you say or do could actually be broadcast on the news the next day? What if potentially anyone could hear or read about what you did or said today even in the privacy of your car on the way home or a text message to your closest friend? Pretty scary thought isn’t it?

I often relate leadership stuff to family situations because I’m a firm believer that the true leader in you is the one that shows up at home after work. You just walked in the door and the dishes weren’t done and the dogs weren’t fed and you just got off the phone with a friend who is really mad about something someone said and so-on. The real leader, the real character, the real you is who responds to the situation at that exact moment. Oh boy, what if that person is who was broadcast on the 6 o’clock news. It makes you think doesn’t it.

Another reason that I often relate leadership stuff to family situations is that I believe the most important leadership position you could possibly have is being a leader in your family, especially as a parent. Your kids that you had, have, or will have are learning from the real you. The one that doesn’t get seen at the office or church. That is also where your integrity is really developed.

Integrity is developed on a daily basis by the little things that we think no one is paying attention to. But, it is a vital and critical part of a good leader. In fact, I believe a leader can be a little short on a lot of different areas but simply can’t be short on integrity. If integrity begins to diminish the leader will surely fail.

Ok, we are all human, so don’t beat yourself up if you have slipped on this one a time or two. But know for sure if not attended to it will severely hinder your ability to lead at the very least and quite possibly destroy your ability to lead all together. That being said, keep Mr. Weston’s simple rule in mind at all times. It may sound a little silly, but it sure makes a lot of sense. And, it just might help you keep your integrity solid and intact.


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