Can You Light a Fire?


“You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart until it is burning within your own.” – – – Eleanor Doan – – –
A match has to first be lit, before it can light a fire. If you are trying to light a fire in your team and get them moving, you first have to have a fire in yourself. A leader has to be self-motivated. You can’t sit around and expect others to motivate you and your team. That is your responsibility, nobody else’s. You have to be the Motivator. You have to bring the flame to the team. That is what they are looking to you for.
So, how do you get yourself motivated? What does it take to get your flame burning?
If you are leading a team and need motivation, think about what you are doing. Now think about WHY you are doing it. What is your reason. If you are doing it because you have to, start thinking about the benefits of doing it. Look for the good in the results of doing it. What or who will it benefit? Find something in it you can get behind and start promoting it.
Motivate yourself to get motivated and that will motivate others.


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