Beneath The Surface


On the surface we see 2 young cousins playing and hanging out together.

But what is beneath the surface?

It’s a 4 year old teaching his 2 year old cousin about how the toy car works. It’s two trusting little guys playing care free because both of their parents are just a few feet away enjoying the shade and each other’s company because they get along and look out for each other.

It’s the result of the Lord blessing the diligence of their parents and grandparents to put in the hard work of investing in their relationships and being there when things get difficult. It’s a family enjoying the blessings of the Heavenly Father who grants the opportunity to relax after hard work on a project together.

Invest in your children while they are home of course. But especially after they have moved out and started their own families. Love them and pray for them and be there for them when they need you. Not to enable wrong choices and behaviors, but to love them and coach them and show them there’s hope in Jesus and there are blessings in this life.

Get real, be blessed.


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