Are your hands on the wheel?


We have to keep our eyes on the road. But we also have to keep our hands on the wheel. The enemy or challenges or pressures don’t always come at us head on. When it comes at us head on, even if we can’t see it, we can feel it. It starts to slow us down. And we press the gas a little more to keep momentum and we press on through. It is difficult and it might even slow us down a lot, but at least we can continue straight ahead and keep moving forward.

But a lot of times it comes at us sideways. Now when it comes at us sideways, whether we see it or not, we can feel it even more. And if we don’t keep our hands on the wheel and steer into it, we will drift off course. And if we don’t pay attention and keep watch, we can get way off course. Sometimes this happens and we go so long and get so far off course that we realize that we don’t remember where we were going in the first place.

Now, hopefully we have someone in our lives that we trust that will speak truth to us when we need it most and wake us up before we go too far. But even if we don’t, and it isn’t until we are bouncing through the ditch when we come to our senses, there is hope. When you find that you are too far off to just make a little adjustment, just stop. Take your foot off the gas and shut it down. Take a deep breath and pull it up out of the ditch and up on the shoulder of the road. Take some time to regain your senses and awareness of where you are. Look around and look at the map and determine the direction that will get you back on track and slowly start moving forward toward the goal. Allow time and new small successes begin to build confidence and momentum and before you know it, you’re rolling again.

Be blessed.


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