Are you really adding value to others?

Lately I have read a lot of passages in books and posts about adding value to people. I absolutely love this thought and strive to do so myself. But one day during my studies I had a challenging thought and question. How do I know if I am really adding value to someone?

You see, aside from being a student and teacher of leadership development, I am also a student and teacher of process improvement. Now in that arena we also talk about value. Value added or non-value added activity. In manufacturing value added activity is described as any activity or process that “changes” the form, fit, or function of the product. It is also defined by the perspective of the customer. Would the customer be willing to pay for it? Everything else is non-value added.

That got me thinking about adding value to people. Is it really adding value to someone if it doesn’t initiate or support positive changes in the person? And, would that person consider it “value added”?

So, are you truly adding value to the people that you are trying to impact?


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