Are You Giving to Get?

Everyday Leader
In today’s fast paced world, we find ourselves prioritizing our to-do list. Many factors come into play while deciding what we will include in our calendars and what we leave off. Chances are work, family activities, and hobbies are in the top 5. And perhaps doing things for others is up there as well. You might even be involved in some kind of ministry organization or other organization serving the community or you spend time helping the neighbors.

Now, how often do we check our motivation for our serving or giving of time? How often does a serving opportunity drop off the calendar due to the lack of return? Over the years I have had to double check my motives, and there have been times when I didn’t like what I found. I came to the cold harsh reality that my motives weren’t as genuine as I thought or hoped. So, when I discover this shortfall, I take a long look at how fortunate I have been in life. Of course I have had some major setbacks in life, but in all it’s been a good life. Family, friends, roof, food, bed, etc. When I get out of my head and my “so called” problems, it helps me remember the real reason to serve. It’s about others. Being there for someone in tough times so they won’t feel alone. Encouraging people that things will get better. Valuing others thoughts and needs above my own. When shifting my focus and reason for serving I find it very fulfilling. In that, I end up receiving anyway. Man, gotta check motives again. Anyway, When I give of myself for the sake of helping others have a better day it doesn’t really take away from me or leave me with less. It actually leaves me with something priceless, joy.
Amazing how that works.
Be blessed.


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